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The Unsung Benefits of Stair Lifts in Virginia Beach

Stair lifts are nothing new; you know it, we know it, and they’ve honestly been around for decades. What IS new however are the benefits and features that come along with the newest models, and there have been some serious upgrades since the days that they were first introduced. Let’s take the Nautilus N100 Premium stair lift for example. At first glance it seems as if you have a typical, run of the mill stair lift, but we can assure you that isn’t the case. As a top stair lift in Virginia Beach, this device is ready to offer the best service to home owners, and even owners of retail establishments. Let’s take a look at some of the features that you can come to expect.

A Look at the N100 – One of The Best Stair Lifts in Virginia Beach

Stair Lifts in Virginia BeachWe’ve stated that the N100 is one of the best in the industry, but what sets it apart from all the others? What is it that gives it that authority? There are a few things actually and we’re going to cover them one at a time.

Size Considerations

The first thing you would notice about the N100 is the size, as when you install a stair lift in your home, one of the things you naturally worry about is how much space it will take up, especially if you want to continue to use the stairs. Also keep in mind that larger stair lifts can cause a bit of a safety hazard, so keep that in mind when you are making a purchase. The N100 has a low profile of just 10.5 inches, even when it is widefolded, making it optimal for homes that suffer from a lack of space.

Energy Efficiency

With all the concern over the environment these days it should be no surprise to anyone that you want an energy efficient stair lift. Don’t’ worry, this one has exactly what you’re looking for with a patented helical worm drive which gives you a smooth ride and is very easy on the electric bill.

No Interruptions

It’s time for us to address the biggest issue you might have even with the most affordable stair lifts in Virginia Beach. Here’s the question: if the power goes out, will the lift continue operating? There are two major concerns here. First of all, you’re probably a bit worried that even if you were to make it all the way to the top, you would have no means of getting back to the ground if the power were to go out. The N100 features a DC drive that runs even during power interruptions – it’s one feature you don’t want to miss with any stair lift. Furthermore, two wireless remotes ensure that you can call the lift any time, and that’s priceless.

Clean Installation

Finally, we have an extremely clean installation for your home that can be easily maintained in the event of a minor or more serious mechanical problem – if it breaks down, you’ll be back up and running again in no time.

Regain Your Mobility

Stair Lift SavingsThe N100 is just one in a series of high end chair lifts offered by out company and we strongly encourage you to take a look at all of the other devices and lifts we have to offer, and most importantly, regain your mobility. One of the biggest challenges that senior citizens face, along with the disabled, is the sudden inability to traverse the floors of your own home.

Not only does this become irritating, it can become a reason for you to leave your home, either by moving into a smaller apartment, or worse, relocating to a nursing home. In the past this would have been inevitable, but now you have a chance to stay in your home by utilizing one of these powerful lifts. Regain your independence, and most importantly, regain your self confidence by using a state of the art stair lift in Virginia Beach.



Get to the Next Level in your Home with a Stair Lift in Charlottesville

Stair Lift in CharlottesvilleA stair lift is something you have either seen yourself or heard of, but perhaps you’ve never used one, and perhaps you’ve never even considered having one in your home. Well, you aren’t the only one who wonders how they work, and you certainly aren’t the only one wondering whether or not it’s time. There are generally two reasons for which you would consider a stair lift in Charlottesville which consist of the following:

  • Disability – You have either been born with a disability, or you have acquired one through an accident of one sort or another. This could be a lack of upper body strength or it could be complete loss of function in your legs; the possibilities are endless, and each of these could necessitate a stair lift. Also keep in mind that some disabilities can be temporary, injuries, for example, might heal over time, but sometimes having a stair lift is a great way to get around regardless.


  • Age – Over the course of your life you will age, and as you do, you’re going to find that getting around poses a serious challenge. Many aging individuals end up restricted to a single floor of their home and in some cases they have to leave their home entirely – it really is up in the air at that point.

These are two scenarios under which you might find it very difficult to traverse your home, and in the past it might have even cost you your independence altogether. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to anymore! You can get the help you need, and you can make sure that you maintain that independence for the foreseeable future.

Getting Independent with a Stair Lift in Charlottesville

That’s right, stair lifts for the elderly in Charlottesville, or even the injured can make all the difference in the world if you have lost the ability to move freely around your home. These are essentially seats that run along a track mounted to your wall, particularly near your staircase, and this track extends up the stairs in your home. Basically, you can sit down and ascend your stairs without ever lifting a finger, and to us, that’s pretty cool!

These stair lifts come as a suitable replacement for elevators, assuming that you were ever thinking of installing one in your home anyway. The biggest problem with elevators is that they are expensive, but you should also note that they tend to take up a lot of space. You can try to install one, if you wish, but at some point it simply becomes a nuisance. A stair lift is a much cheaper solution and a much better way to reclaim mobility in your home.

Exploring the Stair Lift

stair lifts for the elderly in CharlottesvilleStair lifts aren’t simply a chair that ‘goes up and down’, if you will forgive the horrendously rudimentary speech. The stair lift is comprised of many different parts starting with a speed governor that guarantees that the lift does not move too fast; this can be very useful when you are on your way downstairs; you really don’t want to find yourself going too fast.

There are several other very important components that make a stair lift what it is, for example you have the obstruction sensors which actually halt the chair’s movement if a foreign object is detected. This simply boils down to safety so that if you become dismounted or someone steps in the way, your chair will not pose a risk to them.

There are a ton of other components from manual lower, to pressure control, and even a remote button that allows you to call the unit from one end to the other – a useful feature in a house with multiple users. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for you to consider having one of these units installed, and it won’t be too long before you have one installed.

Give us a call today and reclaim your mobility. You might be elderly, you might be disabled, but your needs are the same, and our stair lift systems can help you to return to normality without the hassle. These lifts are safe, they’re fast, and most importantly, they’re comfortable. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.



Staying in Your Home Has Never Been Easier; It’s All Possible with a Stair Lift in Richmond

If the thought of having to leave your home because of accessibility issues is something you’re afraid of, we urge you to consider looking into, where you can find the perfect stair lift that will allow you to remain independent in your home as you age. Maybe you’re not quite sure you need that, maybe you don’t know whether or not a stair lift would be a good fit for your home.

If you’re seriously interested in purchasing and installing a stair lift for your home, you must consider why and answer a few questions involving your own abilities and condition, the structure of your home, and the financial commitment. In doing your research, you’ll find that there’s no better company to provide your lift than

Why Buy a Stair Lift? How Will it Make Life Easier? How Complicated is It?

stair lift in RichmondIf your home has stairs that you travel, either rarely or often, if you live alone, if aging is taking its toll on your body, or if you anticipate serious mobility issues in your future, then a stair lift is probably a great investment for you. Lifts have grown in popularity with the recent boom in technology and convenience; at a minimum and in its most basic form, a stair lift is simply a chair that climbs up and down a stair case on a motorized rail that’s attached to the stairs – perfect for those who have trouble getting around on more than one floor in a home.

Perhaps your concern isn’t whether or not you need one – maybe you’re wondering if your home can accommodate a structure like a lift. Or perhaps you’re concerned that you may decide to move in the future… will the lift stay with the home? Lifts can be custom designed for every home, and you can rest assured that if you move or sell your home, the lift can be removed and set up in your new home. You’ll simply need to keep in mind that it may not fit in your new home in the same way (depending on the stairs), and you may need to have it customized or changed by professionals in order to keep it functional for you in your new home.


Where to Go to Secure a Stair Lift for Your Home

There are so many medical equipment shops and stores… why go with to secure your stair lift in Richmond? With over 20 years experience in the medical equipment industry and being one of the top sellers of lifts in the Richmond, Charlottesville, and Virginia Beach area, is your one-stop-shop for everything you need involving stair lifts. Customer service is of the utmost priority, and we care greatly that your questions are answered; that’s why we have a 24/7 customer service phone line for those who have questions or need emergency service.

All staff on site, on the phones and in the field are factory trained and industry experts – and you can rest assured you’ll never be victim of a sales gimmick because no one works on commission. This ensure that each customer ends up with the best piece of equipment for their needs, no more and no less. Once your lift has been purchased, it won’t be up to you to set it up in your home. Rather, you can rely on our expert field service experts to install the lift for you, as well as to ensure you have everything that you need to operate it confidently and successfully.

Can I Afford a Stair Lift at

We’ve hit on almost every point that truly matters to you, but there is one item left that you’re likely concerned about: financial responsibility… can you afford it? Our expert staff will help explain each facet of the cost behind your lift – are you installing it yourself or having someone else do it? Is the staircase straight or curved? Is it indoor or outdoor? All of these things are among the list of facets that affect stair lift cost. At, lifts start around $2,000 and range up to $15,000.

Stair Lift is competitive with other shops, but we can offer you much more: clear pricing up front. You can rest easily knowing that we won’t pad our pricing with unnecessary processing and installation fees like many other companies will. Rather, when you pick a chair with the assistance of our staff, you’ll get a fair out the door price that you can break down and understand.

If you need a stairlift for your home in Richmond, the answer is clear: go to and click around. We think you’ll find that we’re the best in the industry to give you the handicap accessibility equipment that you need.