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Take Your Stair Lift In Charlottesville To The Next Level By Going Grease Free

Modern stair lifts are a far cry from the ones you may have seen in use even 20 years ago. Thanks to modern technology and engineering, a stair lift is now a tool you can have installed in your home without any of the fuss you would expect. There are so many useful features and benefits that you would be surprised. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from a “grease free worm drive” stair lift in your home.

No More Grease On The Rails

Stair Lift In CharlottesvilleMany people looking for stair lifts for the elderly in Charlottesville, VA, know they still have to have the rails greased to work properly. That used to be the case to ensure the stair lift travelled up and down the rail properly, but not anymore. Nowadays, we have worm drive systems that do not require regular greasing that could ruin carpets. That’s a relief for anyone who’s recently redecorated or simply keeps a clean house.

No Holes In The Wall

There is a common misconception that having a stair lift installed means that you’re going to have to have unsightly holes drilled through the wall. While the track does need to be anchored down, it doesn’t actually get attached to the wall. Instead, the track is attached to the steps. This is a preferable option as it means the track is more stable, and that the holes are much easier to hide. If you move out of your home, simply fluffing up the carpet would be enough to cover up where the tracks were attached to the stairs.

Stair Lifts Aren’t Only For Indoor Use

We’ve all seen stair lifts in use in people’s homes, but what about in their back yards or front steps? Many are not aware you can buy stair lifts Charlottesville that work outdoors. If there are steps down to the garden area – you can still enjoy it properly by having a stair lift installed. You’ll get the full use of your home again, including the entirety of the yard.

Stair Lifts Are Totally Safe Around Kids

Many people put off buying a stair lift as they worry that it would be dangerous with grandchildren coming over. They worry that when they’re playing, they could start up the lift and injure themselves on it. Today’s stair lifts run on either batteries or low voltage so there is no risk of electrical shock.  Key locks are available as an option as well.

Your Stair Lift Will Work Even If The Power Goes Out

Power outages are a real concern for many potential stair lift owners. They worry that if their power were to go out, they would be without the use of their stair lift. That’s bad news if you suddenly find yourself stranded on one floor of the house. Luckily, that’s not the case with battery operated systems.   Modern stair lifts all come with a battery pack. When the power is on, they’re continually recharging. If the power were to go out, the batteries have enough reserve power to allow the system to make an average of 25 round trips, meaning you don’t have to go without the stair lift.

You’ll Never Have To Fix Issues Yourself

Stair lifts are reliable machines, but even the best ones have a hiccup every now and then. If you’re having issues with yours, you won’t have to try and fix it yourself. Your stair lift will come with a service package. Just call an service technician, and they’ll be out to take a look at the problem for you. More often than not, it’s an easy fix. Either way, you won’t be without your stair lift for long.  Many issues can be resolved over the phone.

You Don’t Have To Have Them Forever

stair lifts CharlottesvilleIf you have a stair lift Charlottesville installed, it doesn’t actually have to be forever. If you’re living with a short term injury or illness, you can actually have one installed while you’re recovering. It certainly makes life easier while you’re trying to get around your home. Ask your local stair lift provider about having one as a temporary measure, if you think you may need one.

You Don’t Have To Buy A Stair Lift

Looking to save money? Then you’re in luck. If you need a stair lift you can look into a leasing a new system.  Typical lease options include low monthly payments with a $1 buyout at the end of the lease period.  This option allows for ownership without a lump sum payment.

There’s a lot to love about modern stair lifts. If you have any more questions, why not give us a call? We can help you out with any aspect, from buying, to installation and service. Whether you need a stair lift, ramps, or a vertical platform lift – we’ll give you the full use of your home back.


Keep Your Carpets Clean With Grease Free Stair Lifts In Richmond

There’s a lot of worry involved when you’re looking for stair lift prices in Richmond. You want to find a machine that will be reliable, fit well in your home, and is safe to use. Thanks to modern technology, stair lifts are safer and easier to use than they’ve ever been.

We want to put your worries to rest. Here are the biggest issues stair lift shoppers are concerned about, all solved once and for all. From keeping your carpets clean to keeping children safe, we’ve dealt with everything for you so there’s no more anxiety in buying your stair lift.

Our Stair Lifts Don’t Need To Be Greased

Grease Free Stair Lifts In RichmondA lot of customers worry about the maintenance that goes into looking after a stair lift. Rack and Pinion systems need to be greased regularly, or they won’t travel up and down the track properly. With that worry comes the thought of getting grease on your carpets.

With our stair lifts, you won’t need to grease them.  We use a patented worm drive system rather than the old rack and pinion design.

Your Battery Won’t Go Dead

Another common concern is the stair lift won’t work if the power goes out and you are going to be stranded at the top or the bottom of the stairs. It could be your worst nightmare.

Luckily, this isn’t the case. The batteries on modern stair lifts charge continuously when plugged into the power in your home. If the power does go out, it will be ready and waiting to power the lift as normal. You’ll never be stranded on a floor in your home.

The Stair Lift Will Work Even In A Power Outage

Speaking of power outages, a lot of customers we’ve spoken to have put off buying a stair lift, as they’re worried if there’s a power outage they will not be able to use their stair lift. When the lift is essential for getting around the house, that’s a serious concern.

As you can see though, this isn’t the case at all. Stair lifts for the elderly in Richmond all come with a battery driven system as discussed above. If the power does go out, you’re in luck. The battery will hold enough charge to power the system for 25-35 round trips – you can use the lift as normal. Once the power goes back on, the batteries will start charging again.

It’s Safe For Children To Be Around Your Stair Lift

A lot of people don’t buy a stair lift, because they’re worried that it’s not safe for children to be around. There’s concerns that they would be able to turn it on and start using it, putting themselves in harm’s way, potentially.

In fact that isn’t the case at all. Stair lifts comes with optional key locks to switch off the power to the device, until you decide to turn it back on. All stair lifts are very low voltage and there is no risk of electrical shock to either kids or pets. Now you’ve got peace of mind.

The Stair Lift Track Does Not Need To Attach To The Walls

There’s a common cosmetic concern when it comes to stair lifts. People think that the tracks will attach to the walls of their stair case. That’s a worry as they don’t want to damage their home, and it’s an issue if they think they’ll ever be selling the house on.

In fact, they don’t attach to the wall at all.  They are attached with secure brackets to the stair treads themselves. That way there’s no visible holes and your walls are safe.

There’s A Stair Lift For Everyone’s Stairs

Stair Lift SavingsPossibly the most common concern we hear is that stair lifts won’t work in a customer’s home. Their stairs are too narrow, or they bend or even curve. Because of that, they think, a stair lift won’t fit into their home. The only other option is to move to a single story home instead.

Actually, a stair lift will fit in almost every home. They are made to measure, so when you order one a technician will come and measure up your stairs. Then, the stair lift will be made to fit your staircase. That means anyone can have freedom to move around their own home again.  Often, the tracks are cut on site.

As you can see, there are all kinds of reasons why you should consider a stair lift, if you’ve been putting off the idea.  Talk to a representative and see just how one could make your life easier.


Senior Fall Statistics for 2017 – How Stair Lifts in Virginia Beach Can Help

Stair Lift SavingsAccording to research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every four elderly persons will suffer from a fall in 2017. This means that more than 2.8 million seniors will be treated for falls, and over 800,000 will be hospitalized for serious injuries relating to these accidents. If you’re an elderly citizen, or you have a loved one who is, then it is essential that you are able to find systems for the home that can prevent falls and improve quality of life. Stair lifts in Virginia Beach represent the ideal solution.

While some falls won’t result in injury, there are a number of possible scenarios that can be considered as serious. A fall could lead to fractures of the wrist, arm, leg, or even hip. According to research, 95% of all hip fractures are caused directly by a fall. Head injuries are also possible, especially in homes where there is concrete, wooden, or other hard surfaced stairs. While carpeted stairs can reduce the risk of brain injury after a fall, they still don’t make stairs completely safe. Which is why it’s best that the elderly have access to affordable stair lifts Virginia Beach.

Another serious problem related to falls is that a small incident can take away the confidence of an elderly citizen, making them feel restricted or anxious in their own home, even when performing basic tasks.

A Simple Solution with Affordable Stair Lifts Virginia Beach

The best way to make a home safer, more comfortable, and more accessible, is by having a stair lift system installed. Designed to help the elderly and disabled to easily and safely navigate stairs, modern systems are maintenance free for owners, and can stand up to regular use. A system, especially a grease free stair lift will provide a number of benefits that will far outweigh any initial investment.

Stair Lifts in Virginia BeachThe key benefit is ease of access. Stair lifts can be installed on either straight or curved stair cases, and they can be mounted on rails that are installed on the stairs themselves, or on the wall next to the stairs. There are options for indoor and outdoor installations, and even a basic stair lift will be able to support up to 350 lbs. of weight, meaning that it can be used to carry a person, as well as items that they are holding, such as shopping bags, laundry, or other household items.

Stair lifts in Virginia Beach run on energy efficient electric motors.  To ensure our stair lifts are able to operate during a potential power outage, they run on rechargeable batteries.  The stair lift sits on a charging station when it is parked at the top or bottom.  In the event of a power outage – the unit will continue to operate normally for 20-30 round trips.  Once the battery amperage level drops to an unsafe level , the unit will travel at half speed.  If the amperage is too low to complete a round trip (while fully loaded), the unit will not travel.  This is a great feature, because it means that seniors won’t have to worry about navigating stairs on top of the stress of dealing with a power outage.

Sometimes it is not the inside stairs that are a problem, but the stairs leading up to the main house. Because it can be expensive to have a home modified to feature accessibility ramps, it makes much more sense that an outdoor system is used. Just like stair lifts can be installed in the home, it is also possible to have outdoor lifts. These can be seated lifts, or standing lifts, depending on the needs of the homeowner. If you are interested in having outdoor lifts, then you’ll simply need to give a leading local company a call. The team at Stair Lift Savings is standing by, ready to answer any of your questions relating to elderly and disabled accessibility grease free stair lifts.

Talk to the Experts Today

If you or a loved one needs stair lift prices Virginia Beach, then it’s time to talk to the experts. Stair Lift Savings offers a range of different lifts, from reliable entry level units, right up to luxury units that are designed for curved grand staircases. You’ll get the best possible prices, along with excellent installations and ongoing support. Modern stair lifts run on worm drive gears, so there’s no messy lubricants required, and no maintenance requirements for the homeowner. Service can be provided by experienced technicians, and because we’re a leading supplier in Virginia Beach, you can be sure that you’ll always get official parts and the best workmanship.

Call today to take the first step towards a safer and more functional home.




Stair Lift Reviews

If you are in the market for a new stair lift … let’s take a moment to talk about how to find the manufacturerand dealer you want to work with by doing some quick and easy investigative work.

First, let’s not get fooled by any internet ad that suggests you could buy a stair lift for $989. That’s just not going to happen and if it did … you probably wouldn’t want it in the first place! These are “Feeder Ads” and are intended to get you to pick up the phone and call. Chances are you’ll be told about the cutting fees, shipping fees, warranty fees, available upgrades … and most likely – the product offered is “On Backorder”.

Click. Hang up the phone. Let’s get back to our internet research strategy. We will want to do research on Negative Information as opposed to the sales hype found on the distributor’s pages. Here are two examples of simple key search terms for you to use.

  • Stair Lift Complaints
  • Stair Lift Recalls
  • Stair Lift Injuries
  • Stair Lift Failures
  • Stair Lift Safety Alerts

Next, let’s discuss what key features are important in a stair lift … and why.

grease free stair lift with lifetime warranty on motor and circuit boardDon’t be fooled by the hype about the following features (these are Federally REQUIRED components for EVERY stair lift sold in the United States)

  • Safety sensors on the footrest – Required in Every State
  • Seat rotates and locks 90 degrees at the top – Required in Every State
  • Seat belt included – Required in Every State
  • Remote Controls or Wired Call/Send Stations at Both Ends – Required in Every State
  • Folding Footrest and Seat – Required in Every State
  • Constant Pressure Switch (must hold switch entire time when moving) – Required in Every State

What you need to look for is this –

  • Lifetime Warranty on Motor AND Circuit Board … NOT a “Limited” Lifetime Warranty
  • Grease Free System – Every Rack and Pinion system requires regular greasing (every 90-120 days)
  • Access to a Service Technician 24/7

Last, but not least, ask where the stair lift is assembled or manufactured. You will more than likely be told the United States or England. Then ask if you can get a full refund if the lift arrives in boxes marked “Made or Assembled in China” or has labels attached to the unit that indicate “Made or Assembled in China”. If you can’t get that promise in writing … Click. Hang up the phone. Much of the production is shifting … and perhaps the quality as well.

If you want a stair lift that is “Made in America” – there are only three true stair lift manufacturers to choose from. Don’t be fooled by “private labels” or name changes. All three manufacturers offer both straight and curved lifts. Only ONE makes a Grease Free stair lift system. Now that we know what we are looking for – the rest is simple. Just do an internet search on “grease free stair lift with lifetime warranty on motor and circuit board”. It’s really that simple.

Good luck to you in your search … and best of health to you.


Who Makes a “Battery Back-Up” Stair Lift?

Plain and Simple – No One!  If you should come across an advertisement or have a sales representative claim to have a stair lift with a “battery back-up” you can scratch them off your list of Honest Dealers and look elsewhere.  In the recent past, several stair lift companies used printed advertising (both in magazine ads and internet ads) until they were threatened with a law suit for false advertising.  Still today, the representatives of those companies will verbally talk about the “battery back-up” in their presentations and sales pitches.  This is a major RED FLAG and you should avoid these dealers entirely.  If they are attempting to deceive you from the start … what do you think happens when you need service or have warranty issues.


Three Commercial Establishments that Could Use a Stair Lift in Richmond

If you’re operating a business, one of your responsibilities will be to make your premises accessible to your customers. At some point, you will even need to consider disabled or elderly customers who may find it difficult to navigate steps and staircases within your business. Installing easy access ramps could be cost prohibitive, or may not even be practical for the size or location of your business. One of the ways that you could get around this issue, is by installing affordable stair lifts Richmond.

At Stair Lift Savings, we offer the most reliable products, which are also versatile and priced within reach of the average business owner. If you thought it would be too expensive to make your business more accessible, then it’s time to take a look at what we have to offer. Remember, we also offer grease free stair lifts in Richmond which require very little maintenance, making them outstanding for your establishment.

Types of Establishments That Could Benefit from Stair Lifts Richmond

While almost any business could benefit from being more accessible, there are a few specific business types that can benefit most from stair and platform lifts.

Stair Lift in RichmondAs a first example, restaurants and cafeterias could gain significant benefits from using stair lifts. Restaurants serve customers of all demographics, and elderly people have more free time to meet friends, eat out, and enjoy the local restaurants and cafés. If you want to make sure that you don’t alienate the elderly or disabled community, then you could install an affordable system that gives these groups a powerful incentive to give you their patronage. Whether you need indoor or outdoor solutions, you can find one that suits you at Stair Lift Savings.

Entertainment complexes could also benefit their business and their customers by installing stair lifts for the elderly in Richmond. Just like any other group, the elderly and disabled love some good entertainment, but they may find it difficult to access cinema complexes and other entertainment areas. Lifts can be installed in existing premises without the need for major construction and the cost that is associated with remodeling. Installing stair lifts would be a significant gesture of good will to the community, and could result in new and repeat business, not only from elderly customers, but also from those that appreciate a company that shows compassion for every market group.

Supermarkets and other large shopping establishments make up the third category of establishments that would benefit from a new stair lift installation. For the elderly, achieving simple tasks can be extremely difficult, especially at establishments that show no care or concern for those that are less able bodied. If you want to be able to provide a stress-free and accessible shopping experience, then you could install stair lifts at key access points around your supermarket or grocery store. You’ll find that elderly and disabled people are more likely to shop at your establishment, just as long as you provide them with an easy and comfortable way of accessing your building.

Different Options for Stair Lifts Richmond

It’s now clear that stair lifts could benefit your business and community, so it’s time to take a look at just a few of the different solutions that are on offer. Stair lifts can be installed in new buildings during the final construction and fitting stage, or you could even retrofit a system to your existing premises. Due to the easy fitting and installation of modern systems, you won’t be disadvantaged, no matter which situation you are in.

Stair Lifts RichmondOne option is the SR601X Stair Lift System. This leading system folds down so that you can save space when it’s not in use, and it has a small footprint of just 13.5 inches when folded. It is energy efficient, and it even has a backup system that can keep running during power interruptions. It runs on an aluminum rail, and is extremely durable for regular use. Because it can accommodate up to 350lb., it is perfect for carrying seniors or disabled customers, and they’ll have no trouble with their bags while using the stair lift system. This option runs on a stored charge and is good for up to 60 return trips between charging cycles. This makes it ideal for busy commercial establishments.

For upmarket restaurants and other establishments, a more elegant lift may be required. This is not a problem, especially when something like the Elegance Legacy Stair Lift is chosen. Deluxe upholstery, a retracting seatbelt, and padded arm rests will help your customers to feel safe and comfortable. This model has the same weight capabilities as the SR601X, and benefits from an easy stair lifts installations Richmond, which can be completed by an experienced technician in just one hour.

If you want more options to make your business one that stands out for elderly customers, then it’s time to talk to us at Stair Lift Savings, and discuss how a new lift can make your business more accessible and inclusive for everyone in your community.



How Much Does a Stair Lift Cost?

There are numerous factors that will determine the cost of a new stair lift.  First, you will have need to decide whether you will install it yourself or have a local professional do the installation for you.  Next, you will need to factor in other parameters such as – is it a straight or curved staircase (or you have “pie shaped” steps or a square landing in the middle), the actual weight of the user, D/C vs. A/C, and whether you need the lift for indoor or outdoor use. With a landing in the middle of the staircase (or more than one landing) you will have to choose between a curved stair lift system or multiple straight track units.


Purchasing a New Stair Lift? 

Suggestion – Buy one that is a “Grease Free”!

Stair Lift SavingsThere are three drive mechanisms being utilized in the stair lift industry today.  There is a Winch Design (SL350 by Harmar) where the loose end of the cable is secured to the top of the track.  As the cable unwinds from the drum, gravity allows the chair to roll down the track.  When the cable is wound back onto the drum, the chair rises to the top.  Fairly simple design, but will require greasing the track every 90-120 days.

All manufacturers offer a Rack-and-Pinion drive system.  This is nothing more than a long toothed “rack” gear that runs the entire length of the track.  A round “pinion” gear then runs up and down the “rack” gear.  These systems will require regular (90-120 day) cleaning and greasing as well.

There is only one design that uses a “Grease Free” Worm Drive.  This patented technology consists of a large nylon worm (think of it as a threaded screw) that threads itself up and down the track.  This is the quietest and smoothest system there is.  Most important – it NEVER needs to be greased.  There are two versions of this design.  One of these models folds up to 10.5 inches (the narrowest in the industry) and is commonly used on narrow staircases or for those simply desiring more useable staircase.  The less expensive and very popular standard unit folds to 13.5 inches and still provides ample space for those walking the steps.

If you keep adding grease … where does it eventually end up?  Exactly, it could easily end up on your carpets, floors, walls, and grandkids hands.  Here are some comments taken from the web concerning proper maintenance of the rack-and-pinion stair lifts requiring grease.  These maintenance requirements are from two major manufacturers of stair lifts.  Don’t get caught in the “Grease Trap”.

Keeping your stairlift clean is a simple yet effective way to maintain its life span. Get a duster or damp cloth and wipe over the track and seat at least once a week to prevent a buildup of dust and dirt. Avoid the use of solvents and detergents, as these can be abrasive. Instead, choose a damp soapy cloth for best results.

Over time your stairlift can become stiff, so occasional lubrication can prevent deterioration in its movement. Apply a small amount of Vaseline or other lubricant to the track and any moving parts to keep them well oiled. It’s important that you do this after the cleaning process, so remove any dirt beforehand.” 

Periodic lubrication of the stairlift rack and teeth will make for a smooth, comfortable ride every time.  Spray a thin coat of white lithium grease on the gear rack teeth of the stairlift, located on the wall side of the rail. The lithium grease includes a nozzle which enables pinpoint spraying of the lubricant. Aim the nozzle at the gear rack teeth and spray some lubricant out. Careful to apply only a light coating to the gear rack teeth. If any of the stairlift’s belts appear dry, apply a light coating of the same lithium grease across the belt’s surface.”

Should You Get a Stair Lift in Charlottesville for Your Model Home?

A model home should be a representation of the best living space that your company has to offer. Whether you construct homes on a per order basis, or you’ve developed homes in an exclusive subdivision, your model home will be visited by hundreds or even thousands of potential buyers, and what you present to them should be able to appeal to a wide demographic. In many cases, this will mean being able to show that your homes are designed to be accessible and convenient, especially for disabled or elderly buyers.

Failing to appeal to the elderly could eliminate a significant percentage of your market, which is why it is a great idea to install affordable stair lifts Charlottesville when you are fitting out your ideal model home. To understand why this is important for you to sell homes, you need to understand the benefits that a stair lift can provide to homeowners. Most importantly, grease free stairlifts in Charlottesville can be used to demonstrate just how easy it is to not only install, but to maintain as they are less messy, and require very little maintenance.

How Stair Lifts for the Elderly in Charlottesville Can Improve Quality of Life

Stair Lift in Charlottesville

Modern homes typically incorporate more aspects of stylistic architecture, which can sometimes compromise functionality and accessibility for those that are less abled. For someone who is disabled, or an elderly person, a modern home could be daunting and inconvenient, no matter how beautiful it is. If you incorporate multiple levels, as well as stairs and steps, then the home could become even more impractical for the elderly.

With the use of stair lifts in Charlottesville, VA, accessibility problems can easily be overcome, even without compromising the original vision of the designing architect.

Stair lifts can easily be fitted to walls or on top of stairs themselves. They are collapsible to minimize inconvenience, and they run on battery charges to make them convenient, even in the event of a power outage. An elderly homeowner with a stair lift is one that won’t ever feel inconvenienced in their own home, and they won’t have to lose their sense of independence or mobility.

When you choose to place an installation in a model home, you show elderly not just the vision of the home designer, but a further vision of what the home could be for the buyer. Steps and staircases won’t be an obstacle, and a mid-sized home could still be manageable for an elderly couple, or even a family with disabled member.

In short, by choosing to invest in affordable stair lifts Charlottesville, you have more chance of selling to a group of the market that is often forgotten when it comes to new home sales, and having this kind of consideration for your potential buyers will help you to differentiate your homes from the competition, leading to more business and an improved public perception.

Types of Stair Lifts to Consider

It’s time to make your model home appealing to all, which means that it’s time to take a look at some of the stair lifts that are available on the market. If you want affordability, then the best place to start is right here on Stair Lift Savings. With the top brands that are recommended throughout the United States, along with unbeatable customer service and great prices, you’ll find the perfect unit that meets your needs, without overinvesting in something that wouldn’t be required on a day to day basis.

Stair Lift SavingsYou don’t have to go right to the premium end of the market to be able to show the functionality of a model home with a stair lift. A reliable model like the Medallion Stair Lift would be a great starting point. Not only will this lift show your clients what their home could be, but it will also help them to explore your model home, without any difficulty when it comes to accessibility. This is a great option because it is one of the smoothest stair lifts in the world, and it will carry up to 325lbs. This model even has safety sensors to prevent collisions, and it can be installed right on top of existing stairs.

For designer homes that incorporate curved stairs, you could invest in curved stair lifts Charlottesville VA. These will show that no matter the complexity and beauty of the home design, there are still accessibility options for elderly and disabled. A Helix model curved stair lift can be installed on existing staircases, with an excellent design that minimizes space used, and it even incorporates a collapsible chair so it won’t be a problem when the lift is not in use.

Welcome Your Clients, and Provide Easy Access with Stair Lifts for Seniors Charlottesville

Improved accessibility, a better vision of the home, and added convenience are some of the benefits you’ll provide when you choose to install a stair lift at your model home. This can all result in better chances for sales, and your community will love the consideration that you show for elderly and disabled citizens.


Your Guide To Purchasing Stair Lifts In Virginia Beach

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to get a stair lift installed in your home. Maybe you’ve been advised by a medical professional to have one, or perhaps you just feel that getting one installed will help you in getting around your home. Before buying a stair lift Virginia Beach, read this guide so you go shopping armed with the knowledge you need.

Why purchase a stair lift?

stair lifts Virginia BeachA stair lift is a big purchase to make, but it’s one that can impact your life in more ways than you imagine. Many seniors have lived in their homes for years, and are now finding that they can’t get around it as easily as they used to. One solution is to move to a single storey home, but it’s not ideal. If you love your home, why should you move? A stair lift helps you stay exactly where you want to be.

Another good reason to have one installed is because it gives you your freedom back. If you’re struggling to move around your home, you may be relying on family members or health care workers to do so. As kind as that help is, you’d much rather get around under your own steam. A stair lift gives you back your independence.

Have a company come and give you a quotation

If you’re considering stair lift prices Virginia Beach, the first thing you will need to do is call your local installation company to come give you a quote. You’ve probably already noticed that are no flat prices for having one installed. That’s because an installation depends on your home and the shape of your stairs, as well as other factors such as the model you buy.

An installation technician will come and inspect your home and stairs, to check that you could have a stair lift installed. They’ll take measurements, and ask you some questions about what you’d need from your stair lift. That means they’ll be able to give you an accurate quote. If you’d like, you can call several different companies and compare prices.

Check with your health insurance company

Before you pick a provider to buy your stair lift from, check in with your health care insurance provider. They may be able to help cover the costs of your stair lift, making it more affordable. They also may have some requirements, such as only covering new stair lifts, so make sure you have all the facts before you pick one. It’s also worth checking that they’ll cover the cost of a stair lift from the provider you’re considering, too.

Decide on used or new stair lifts

You’ll now need to decide whether you need a new or reconditioned stair lift. For those on a budget, a reconditioned one could be just the ticket. If you have a curved staircase though, remember that you’ll still have to pay for a new rail, as they’re made custom for your home.

You’ll also need to decide if you want to buy your stair lift or rent it. Renting is often a good option if you want to move out soon, or won’t actually need the stair lift for too long.

Pick the right model for you

There are plenty of stair lifts Virginia Beach out there. You’ll need to decide what kind of model is right for you. There’s no right or wrong answer as to which is the best stair lift, it very much depends on you and your needs. If you’re unsure, it’s worth talking to your stair lift installer. They’ll be able to go through the options with you, and help you decide.

Benefits of modern stair lifts

stair lifts Virginia BeachThere’s lots of reasons why modern stair lifts are better than ever. Here’s just a few of them:

  • Never without power: Some people worry that if they suffer a power cut, their stair lift won’t work. Modern stair lifts now come with battery packs. These recharge when the power is on, so if there’s a blackout there’s still a way of powering your stair lift.
  • Lots of safety features: If it’s not just you in the house, there’s the worry that the stair lift could be used incorrectly or even hurt someone. This is especially true if there are children in the house. Modern stair lifts have lots of safety features that don’t allow them to move unless you allow it. That means the children can play without you worrying.
  • Custom built for you: Each stair lift is put together according to your needs. You have complete control of the process, and will get a stair lift that will give you your freedom back.

Having a stair lift installed is much simpler than you’d think. If you’re interested, why not give us a call? We’ll send an engineer to give you a quotation.