Stair Lifts Installations in Richmond for Restaurants


Stair Lifts Installations in RichmondRestaurants can be positively magical, but one of the problems that many multi-floor restaurants face is that of having an inherent inability to serve customers with disabilities. For example, if you have someone who is unable to traverse stairs, they might not be able to get to the second floor, and while your initial reaction would be to add a disabled section to your first floor, what’s the fun in that?

First of all you are denying access to the top floor to those who are suffering from a disability, and secondly, what if you have an outstanding view on the top floor that they want to see? You can easily tread into the area of discrimination if you’re not careful, and with that being the case, you need to make sure that you’re being inclusive of everyone’s needs.

Now that you understand this, how do you go about remedying the problem? If you are a larger restaurant you might consider adding an elevator but when it comes right down to it, that’s a very, very expensive solution and one that will require significant maintenance. For larger restaurants, it might be necessary to use a smaller solution, and a stair lift in Richmond is without a doubt one of the better solutions.

The Benefits of a Stair Lift in Richmond

A stair lift in Richmond is an outstanding idea and while it’s not an elevator, it can definitely get the job done. What you’re looking at is a chair affixed to a track which will travel the distance of your stairs, carrying your patrons and guests upward at a reasonable pace. It only carries a single person, but in most cases that’s really all you’re going to need.

One of the greatest features we can identify is that of safety, which is something that you’re going to need when you’re employing one of these stair lifts. The greatest safety features is the collision sensor which prevents the lift from moving up or down if an obstacle is detected. That being the case, if a small child were to stand in the way, the unit would simply stop rather than causing them harm. In addition to that, these units are able to continue their upward journey even in the event of a power outage which keeps your patrons from becoming stuck on the stairs – that’s a feature we can all agree on.

Different Models for Different Applications

Stair lift installations in Richmond can encompass many different models, all of which serve different types of clientele. We tend to favor the smaller stair lifts with thinner profiles that allow for more foot traffic on the stairs regardless of the presence of the lift. You may also consider stair lifts with remote activation that will allow you to call for service even in the event the lift is at the top of the stairs already. This is a great feature that you’re absolutely going to need if you are running a busy restaurant, or if your patron wants to exit the restaurant quickly.

It’s Time for a Stair Lift Installation

StairLiftSavingsGetting the best stair lift installation doesn’t exactly have to be a matter of difficulty and we have quite a few different models in stock. If you run a restaurant, big or small, we strongly suggest that you look into all of the different models and find one that will suit your needs. It won’t be long before you are able to fully serve all of your patrons whether they are fully disabled or simply unable to traverse the stairs to the second floor of your establishment.

Remember, your stair lift will serve plenty of people, even the elderly in their quest for the perfect meal. If you have it, they’ll come, and if they find that it’s easier to access the whole of your facility, they’ll come in droves. This is a bit of an investment for your restaurant but it is far less than the cost of an elevator and in the end, you’re definitely going to profit from using one of our units. It’s time to get your guests moving between floors – it will make your restaurant far more attractive, and ultimately, it will bring in new customers from all walks of life.


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