Find Help Funding Your Charlottesville Stair Lift Installation

Elderly Struggle with Costs of Encouraged Mobility

charlottesville stair liftsWhen it comes to the elderly, it can be a hassle tackling stairs day in and day out. When one thinks of ways to lessen discomfort and encourage further mobility, stair lifts provide a solution with various benefits. Helping them to avoid potential injury associated with large staircases.

The issue, however, is that purchasing stair lifts installations in Charlottesville can be costly. Normally costing anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000, depending upon your style of staircase and installation required you could find yourself spending as much as $10,000 or higher.

For the elderly, living on a fixed income, this could be seen as an extravagant purchase. Such costs could be seen as a deterrent as many search for cheaper solutions online and still come up short budget-wise. Hoping to find a cheaper installation, you must remember that cheaper isn’t necessarily better.

Locate Help Funding Your Stair Lift Installation

Of course you could save money in the initial purchase; however, you run the risk of costly repairs and maintenance of faulty or cheaply installed stair lifts later. Fortunately, there is good news for elderly seeking to purchase stair lift installations. There are several ways to locate help with funding installations if you know where to look. Here are a few helpful tips in finding funding for your Charlottesville stair lifts.

Don’t waste Time with Medicare

A lot of individuals interested in stair lift installations wonder if Medicare covers installation costs. Unfortunately, Stairlift Charlottesvillethey do not. Federally regulated Medicare doesn’t view the stair lift as “durable medical equipment” but more so as a “home modification”, and s such are not covered within their guidelines. While many have disagreed with this restriction, Medicare has held firm on its standing in regards to this issue. Still, there are others resources available to help fund your stair lift installation.

Veterans Seek Help with Installation Costs

If you have served in the military there are options available to you through the Veterans Administration (VA). Being established in Veteran affairs as the “Star Glide”, the organization provides assistance in several instances.

If wounded through combat or during your service in the military, your stair lift installation may be covered by VA Healthcare. By completing a home visit and skills evaluation test, you may be able to receive help with funding of your installation. You can contact your VA office to follow up on application processes and requirements.

In other cases, if your injury is not related to your time served there are still options available! This can also be applied to your spouse. For example, the VA Aid and Attendance benefit provides financial grants to those in need. For more information on how you can apply for this benefit get in touch with your local VA office to find out how you can qualify.

You can also look into state funded programs for Vets such as the Veteran Directed Home and Community Based Services (VD-HCBS) that provide financial help for those veterans who wish to maintain their lifestyles in their homes.

Grant opportunities can further help in the funding of your stair lift installation. Some veterans may find they qualify for the Home Improvements and Structural Alterations Grant (HISA Grant), Special Home Adaptation Grants (SHA), or Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH). Again, all of these resources can be accessed through your local VA office. A full list of available offices can be provided through their toll free number -800-827-1000.

 Look Into State-Based Programs

There are various state based programs that help the elderly or physically impaired fund their stair lift installations. The issue lies in the varying requirements for each program. There are over 30 programs nationwide that provide assistance funding stair lift installations and other handicapped accessibility tools, so be sure to check with the proper agencies for a list of requirements.

Charlottesville stair liftIf you are a Medicaid recipient, you may be able to find additional funding resources; however, their policies vary by state. Medicaid may be able to pay for the costs of a stair lift installation as long as it helps you avoid extensive nursing home support and allows you to remain in home comfortably.

To apply you must complete the Home and Community based services waiver. These waivers are meant to help seniors continue living in their homes by covering the installation fees of such “home modifications”. You can check with your local agencies to find out if your state Medicaid qualifies for an HCBS waiver.

Many seniors living in nursing homes seek to return to a self-sustainable lifestyle. There are programs that support Medicaid recipients who hope to move out of nursing homes and into private housing with family. One in particular, which is called Money Follows the Person, is active in 44 states and will provide funding for home modifications such as stair list installations and other medical equipment and even handicapped ramps within your new living space. This program name varies by state, in California it is known as “California Community Transitions”; whereas in Hawaii it is called “Going Home Plus”. Your Medicaid provider can give you further assistance in locating such grants.

Tips & Resources before Purchasing Your Stair Lift

There are several factors that you must consider before purchasing a stair lift installation. The difference in capabilities for those in wheel chairs, the structure of the stairways, even the different types of lifts available are decisions you will encounter. All these factors not only affect your decision to purchase but, even the price of your stair lifts installation fee. Here are a few tips and additional resources for those interested.

  • People confined to wheel chairs may not find stair lifts suitable; consider alternative lifts such as a vertical or inclined platform lift.
  • Invest in a stair lift that has your ideal weight capacity; overloading its weight limit can cause it to falter and stop working properly.
  • There are stair lift installations in Charlottesville, VA that come with DIY-Kits and like all do-it-yourself projects, you should make sure you are fully aware of what it takes successfully install it. There may be a need for an electrician to check power supply and its availability to your stair lifts location. Also, you need to be sure that you are capable of carrying loads needed to build your stair lift, following through with provided instructions, and safely secure the lifts chair to the associated railings securely.
  • Invest in additional lighting. Most accidents happen when attempting to use the stairs at night; be sure to incorporate some additional lighting near the top and bottom landings of your staircase.
  • When shopping for your stair lift installation, figure in the cost of comfort as well as maintenance. Some may come with additional features such as a power-folding foot rest or electric swivel seat; these extra perks may cost so, if you don’t need them, avoid the additional purchase. This could save you money in maintenance and upkeep in the future.