How to Choose Your Virginia Beach Stair lift Installation

Understanding the Basics of Stair Lift Installations

Virginia beach stair liftsStair lifts are becoming a popular solution for elderly who need assistance managing staircases. For the elderly, the stairs cannot only be hard to climb, but can use can result in further strain on the body and potential accidents are waiting to happen.

Sometimes referred to as a chair lift or by trade as a “Star Glide”, motorized chairs travel along mounted railways along the staircase, enable the elderly to safely venture up and down them freely.

You should be able to access the stair lift independently or with help from that of a caregiver, cane, or a walker. Unfortunately, use of stair lifts is not designed for those wheelchair bound.

Types of Stair Lift Units

There are two basic types of stair lift installations: straight and curved. A straight stair lift is designed to carry an individual up a single flight of stairs with no turns or landing points. Meanwhile, a curved stair lift is meant to travel stairs that contain turns and curves, additional landings points, and alter direction or angle during descent or climbing of the stairs. You can even position it to the side of the stair case for out-of-the-way parking.StairLift Virginia Beach

Straight stair lifts are ready made for home installation and require very little if any customizations; however, curved stair lifts have to be made to specifications in order to fit the architecture of the stair case. Usually crafted from aluminum or steel materials and using a chain drive mechanism to move through rack and pinion motion. They can come with battery-powered operation system that normally charges automatically, either through the stair lifts railing or with charging stations found at the landing points. These battery systems are still operational during instances such as black outs.

Stair Lift Features

Modern stair lifts found throughout Virginia Beach come with various safety features. Most are standard, however, some units comes with additional features for ease of use and comfort. Here are a few features found in modern stair lifts:

  • A Speed Governor: ensure that the stair lift is not moving too fast, especially when descending, so as to avoid potential accidents.
  • Obstruction Sensors: to halt the chairs movement if it encounters a foreign object.
  • Retractable Seat Belts: most important of all standard features, it is more suitable than those that dangle from the chair and taking up space when not in use.
  • Vacation Mode: you can prevent your stair lift from unnecessarily charging while you are away from home.
  • Manual Lowering: some units come with a manual option in the even that your battery is in-operable. While your battery is disconnected, follow the given instructions within your owner’s manual.
  • Keyed Operation: this safety features dictates when the lift can be used and is most useful as a safety feature around children.
  • Pressure Control: these units require that you hold a button for its continued movement, when the button is released the lift stops in place.
  • Remote Control: this feature is optional as most units come with built-in button controls. The benefit of the remote control is that it allows you to call the unit from one end to the other; especially useful in households with multiple users.

Installing your Stair Lift in Virginia Beach

Stair Lift in Virginia BeachWhile stair lifts are fairly easy to install, as they mostly require mounting to the stairs and very little construction; however, an electrician made be needed to ensure proper outlet supply near the stair lift. There are even options for outdoor use; it will be important to consult with a stair lift technician in your area as installation capabilities vary with climate.

A stair lift dealer in Virginia Beach can help you select the best for your region. You may already have a provider in mind as most states require government regulated inspections before use.

The superior quality of most stair lifts ensures durability and long term use with very little maintenance. Yearly routine maintenance checks will upkeep gear lubrication, battery productivity, and rail security to ensure hassle free ride.

The price attached to stair lift installations vary; a straight stair lift can cost close to $3,000 or more. Meanwhile, a curved stair lift will be based on varying factors and its cost can fluctuate greatly; however, many stair lift installments start at $7,500. Prices rise with complexity of stair design and additional features available.

5 Tips on How to Choose a Stair Lift

1.      Know Your Stairs

It is important to know the structure and dimension of your stairs ahead of time. This will help you determine what sort of stair lift you need. Often times, people combine two stair lifts because of intermediate landings along the stair way; however this may not be needed and use of multiple stair lifts can result in accidents during transfers.

2.      Consider Important Features

This is an optional feature; however the swivel seat can be useful for most with mobility issues as it allows them to get on and off in a manner that doesn’t require them being directly on the stairs. Other features may also peak your interests, such as the error code display which notifies you of potential malfunctions and service issues.

3.      Find the Right Fit

Make use of your scales and figure out which stair lift will provide you with the proper weight capacity. Figure your comfort area by using a dinning chair for width measurement, look into units with moveable arm rests for additional space. You can also try out several unit chairs in store before purchase.

4.      Choose a Reputable Brand

Purchasing your stair lift in Virginia Beach, you want to be sure that you are provided proper warranties to cover potential defects. If you are on a limited budget you want to seek out reputable provider in refurbished stair lift installations, do your research on the unit, and ensure that you are buying from a known seller and not an individual.

5.      Consider Your Surroundings

Installing a stair lift in a narrow stair case may result in difficult use as you need room to clear your knees. A door way near the landing points may cause you to consider a flip-up or zero-clearance option to avoid blockage. You may even consider investing in a curved stair lift if you prefer to park your stair lift off side of the stair case when the unit is not in use.